Coming home to the beautiful pots you have created for us is a joy. It brightens up my day! Thank you.
— Jennifer Gowan, Edgecliff
I was impressed by Chantelle’s professionalism and artistry. After seeing a friend’s garden, I engaged Garden Atelier to design and install mine too, presuming that it might look similar to what my friend enjoys. Through discussion though, we decided to go in an entirely different creative direction, and now I can’t imagine a space that could feel more reflective of me. I’m touched that Chantelle took several cues from my art collection and love for the colour red. Neighbours often ask me about the stunning red Passionflower which is constantly in flower on my balcony, a plant that I’ve never seen growing elsewhere.
— David Lau, Chippendale
We sit outside every day now to enjoy what you’ve created for us.
— Gina Belmour, Alexandria